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Tips on writing your own vows
composing your promises to one another
Wedding vows are the foundation of your marriage – the promises you make to each other in front of witnesses. They are not just words of love, but an expression of your commitment to each other.
While there are countless sample wedding vows to be found in literature or on the internet, sometimes couples feel that they would like their own vows to be a more personal expression of the promises they
are making to each other.

If you feel you would like to compose your own personal vows, below are some tips I have found to help
you. Of course, I am always available to also provide some guidance if you need it. This is not about impressing your guests, or even your partner - whatever wedding vows you write, they will have come
from the heart, and are therefore automatically unique and special. Your wedding vows can be your own – they do not have to match your partner’s.

Speaking in public can make even the most confident person nervous, especially on an emotionally
charged day like your wedding. Don’t be concerned about having to remember your vows – I can lead you through them.

Writing Your Wedding Vows

Tips to writing your own wedding vows – (from the i-do wedding website)
Make a joint decision on the overall mood of your wedding vows - humorous, serious, romantic, spiritual.

Write your personal wedding vows only when you mean and feel them.
Read other couples wedding vows (you will find many samples on the internet) for inspiration. Alter the language to suit your own style, eg from traditional (thou) to modern (you) or vice versa.
Keep your wedding vows short - no more than two paragraphs long. Wedding vows that take 20 minutes
to recite can lose their impact and effect.
Recite your vows to each other when you have composed them to make sure they are written in the
same spirit.

If those don’t help, you can post a topic on any number of wedding forums on the internet, including
the i-do Forums. There are many people out there in a similar situation who prepared to share ideas.
Decide whether you want religious references, eg “On this special day, _____, I give to you, in the
presence of (God and) all these witnesses...”

If you suffer writers block, don't panic, keep a pen and paper next to your bed and sleep on it. Often
ideas or a better way of saying something will come to you after your mind rests.

If that doesn't work, don’t worry. I can provide some guidance and together we will come up with the
perfect solution for you.